Welcome to my wee house.. my tiny home and the location of my brand new business “Sidetracks”.

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Tiny House


Tiny House Story

Last year I left my comfy apartment down in southern Ontario and moved north to be close to my 80+ year old mom. I pitched a tent on her lawn for the summer and, with the help of some very good friends, built a tiny home. 

What follows is the story of the build and whatever else I can think to throw in. I welcome questions and comments!  Maybe you are interested in buying it? I might be interested in selling and building a new one :0)))  Let’s chat!


Yes, I admit it. I have a crazy habit of getting sidetracked. However, when I do, I learn so much and enjoy thoroughly enjoy the experience. In the midst of my sidetracks, I end up creating some pretty cool stuff. I have finally decided to start a business and sell some of it.. maybe all of it (who knows!) but this is one of the places I will be showcasing some of my creations. Stay tuned!